Permit to Work

Aims & Objectives

  • The aim of this presentation is to ensure that individuals using the permit system have full comprehensive  knowledge of all aspects of a PTW system.
  • By the end of this theoretical course delegates will have knowledge of  the various types of Permits, and the procedures used.

The purpose of a permit-to-work (PTW) system is to ensure that adequate controls and specific consideration are given to all hazardous tasks of a particular work activity and that all of the risks are assessed and controlled before work starts.


Course Content

The syllabus focuses on:

  • Safe System of Work
  • The main points of a PTW are:
  • Define the task,
  • Hazard identification,
  • Allocation of hazard controls,
  • Co-ordination of the work,
  • Control and identification of competency requirements,
  • Authorisation for work to start,
  • Issue instructions for work to begin for authorized period,
  • re-issued for each shift (shift time limit),
  • Confirmation that the task is complete,
  • Safe reinstatement of plant and equipment,
  • Documentation cancellation. 
  • Effective Control of Work


Cours duration: 1 day. Theoretical & Practical training)

Course's languages: Azerbaijan, English and Russian

Participants: Mimimum 5 - Maximum 12

On successful completion the candidate will be issued with a “G&I Training Academy” certificate.

Certifiate validity: 2 years